10 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Yay, you’re going on vacation and it’s time to pack. Here are my top 10 travel hacks to prepare for your next vacation.


Bring your food on the plane

Many people may not know this, but you can bring your own food onto the plane. Just make sure it’s wrapped or in a clear container for easy checking.


Pack your own tea bags and instant coffee

Pack your own instant coffee or tea bags, also your travel mug. Now, when you’re at Starbucks or a cafe ask for a cup of hot water. Voilà you just scored free coffee on the go! Also, don’t forget to pack your reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while exploring your new surroundings.


Pack an extra bag

Pack an extra bag for your dirty laundry. Now your smelly clothes won’t ruin any clean or delicate clothes.


Tangle-free jewelry

Keep your jewelry tangle-free by laying it flat and wrapping it in plastic wrap. When you’re ready to take it out and wear it, you won’t have to worry about the stressful detangling process.


Frequent flyer program

Sign up for frequent flyer program, it’s free! If you fly with an airline frequently, you will rack up points that will then lead to special perks. You can receive discounts off of plane tickets, bumped up on seating, a free check bag, and more.


Identification cards

Losing your luggage sucks! Be sure to put an identification card on the outside and inside of your luggage.


TSA pre-check

If you want to save time at the airport sign up for TSA pre-check. It’s a 5-year membership for $85.00. All you have to do is apply online, schedule a 10 min appointment, and you’re good to go. For the next five years, you won’t have to remove your belt, shoes, liquids, and more. Just be sure to do this before your trip.

TSA hinthacks.com



Screenshot your boarding pass

Take a screenshot of your boarding pass the moment you get it, and save it to your favorites. This will help you easily find it when it’s time to board the plane.


Get Tile

The worst thing that can happen when you travel is probably losing your wallet or purse. I like to use Tile, which is just a small square that can hook onto your keychain, fit into your wallet or stick to your phone. If you lose your wallet, just pull up the Tile app to see your last location, then when you get nearby you can make the Tile ring. It only costs 25 bucks, cheaper than buying a new phone.


Book last minute hotel room

If you forgot to book a hotel room or maybe just traveling last minute, download the Hotel Tonight app. You will be able to find great last minute hotel deals, anywhere and anytime.


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  1. These are great tips! We pack snack bags of nuts/snacks, as well as sachets of cup of soup – easy meals, just need hot water!

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