5 Secret Ways to Organize Your Closet

5 Secret Ways to Organize Your Closet | Declutter, Shoe Storage, Garment Rack, Bins, Labels,


Keeping things organized doesn’t have to be hard. Even with a busy life, you can keep your closet clean and neat.  These 5 secrets will help any closet small or large become more organized.


The first step to an organized closet is to declutter. Donate any items you don’t wear anymore. It can be hard parting ways with your items but it will feel even better to give them to someone in need.

You can also sell your items on places like Thredup and Poshmark to make some extra cash.


Now that you’ve decided on what to keep and what to get rid of, let’s take a look at these genius space saving closet tricks!


Add a Garment Rack

garment rackPhoto: thestylevisitor

A garment rack can be useful for many things and can also be very chic.

  • Seasonal Transition: Try adding different items of clothing to your garment rack as you transition from each season.
  • Decision Rack: Ever buy something and just wonder why you purchased it or just not loving it anymore? Keep it hanging on your clothing rack so you can remember to return it or keep it.
  • Inspiration: Hang some of your new or unworn pieces to inspire new outfits or set your outfits out for the morning. Getting dressed will be a breeze.
  • Air Dry: Let your delicates air dry
  • What to Pack: Your garment rack can help you coordinate what you want to pack for your next trip.

Also, comes in handy if you have no closet

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Add Closet Storage


closet storageVia PBteen


Adding some closet storage can easily make your closet look more chic and clean. I love this ultimate closet storage set from PBteenthey also come in many different colors.


Closet Door Storage

door storagedoor storage

Having storage behind the closet door is another great way to save space.

Keep all of your jewelry and accessories tidy with these organizers found from PBteen.


Labels & Bins

Store away your off season clothes in decorative storage boxes with elegant labels.

  • Feel free to create your own with these free printables by inmyownstyle.labels
  • Or buy them ready to go with PBteen

pbteen bin


Shoe Storage

Photo: lindsilanestyle

Use floating shelves to display your shoes and create more space. If you rather hide your shoes away, try this shoe cabinet from Ikea.

Shoe cabinet

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