14 Ways to Save Money Each Month


We are all trying to save extra money here and there to put towards savings, to pay off loans, or bills. It probably won’t happen overnight, but cutting your costs right now will put you on the path to keeping more of your hard-earned money and putting it to better use. Here are 14 ways to save money each month, you will be surprised how little savings can add up to be a lot.

Stop paying for cable

Studies show the average cost of cable is a $110 a month and will continue to increase.
Buying an HDTV antenna will cut your cable bill down to zero and still let you watch live tv for free. I love this because when I had cable I only watched a few channels and mostly missed the shows I liked anyway.

The HDTV antenna is great and all but maybe you still want to watch your Game of Thrones and Shameless (two of my favorite tv shows by the way). Considering these only come on HBO and Showtime you will, unfortunately, miss out but you don’t have to. So I recommend investing in a streaming device. I personally use the Fire Stick which is only 40 bucks on Amazon. It comes with Amazon TV, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more, which are all cheaper than a cable bill.

More streaming devices:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Google Chromecast


Change your Cell Phone Plan

I remember I used to have Sprint and my bill was sky high every month. It was really depressing to see most of my hard earned money go to my cell phone bill. It was so bad that it was cheaper for me to pay the cancellation fees than to wait till my contract was up (when I had about 6 months left).

After getting out of Sprint I switched to MetroPCSnow my bill is only $50/month. I get unlimited video, music, and social media streaming. They have plans ranging from $30 up to $60 depending on your needs.

Another alternative is Republic Wireless, I’ve heard some great reviews about them but haven’t tried it myself. Republic plans start as low as 15 bucks and as high as 90 bucks. Again, it all depends on your needs, I think the low plans with Republic are great for younger kids who are just starting to get phones. I would also like to give this one a try in the near future.


Swagbucks and Shopkick

Shopkick is one of my favorite extra money making apps. You get to earn gift cards just by walking into your favorite stores, scanning items, and shopping! It’s actually a pretty fun app, you also get extra points for inviting your friends. I already earned a $10 gift card to Target.

Yay free money!

Another great rewards app and site is Swagbucks. I just started using this one and so far so good. You can earn points different ways like shopping, searching the web, and answering surveys. They also give out free codes for points on their Facebook page.

Sign up with my link and get $5 bonus.


Online Surveys

Pinecone Research is my favorite online survey website because it’s free, you get to earn real cash, and try new products. You typically earn $3 bucks for each survey. The more active you are, the more surveys they send you.

Yay more free money!


Cancel your Gym Membership

Save that extra $20-$100 by exercising outside and at home. If you must go to the gym try going with a friend or family member as a guest. With Planet Fitness if you have a black card, for $20/month, you can bring a guest to any location. You pay 10 and your friend pays 10 and you both get to use the gym for half the price!



Invest in a good water filter, not only will you save money but you will also have healthier drinking water. There are the basic water filters like Brita and more high-end ones that filter fluoride and other harsh chemicals. I have tried a high-end filter and they tend to take longer to fill up, probably because it’s working harder to filter everything out. Brita is much quicker to fill up, but both save money in the end.

Unless you must buy bottled water pick up a water filter.


Eat Out Less

I know it can be tempting to just get a quick meal or splurge on a nice dinner, but just try to do it less. Cook at home and save your money from eating out at restaurants.


Buy Generic Brands

Next time you go food shopping search for store brands (no name brands). Also check for any store brand deals for example, if you shop at Shoprite they usually have their own brands plus a free membership card that applies discounts for you. They also have coupons, so combine all of the food you picked up on sale, plus store discounts, and coupons you just saved an extra $50-$100.

The only difference between name brand and generic is usually just the packaging and marketing used.


Free Money and Donations

No one likes getting charged monthly maintenance fees and minimums. The online bank Aspiration offers free checking accounts with no minimums and no fees. They also give you up to 1% interest! There are also no fees when you withdraw cash from any ATM!

Open an account today with my referral link and we both earn $25 to donate to charity!


Start a Blog

Starting a can help you save and earn money in the long run. There are so many success stories online of how many people have turned their hobby of blogging into a full-time income. I just started my blog but in 2 short months, I’m already seeing growth from it.

I started with WordPressSiteground (for hosting), and Namecheap (for my domain). These are the best sites if you’re on a budget like I was.

Siteground is only 3.95/mo and they help set you up with WordPress. Their customer service is amazing! You also get a free domain when you sign up for them. They also offer free website migration and transfers, daily backups, malware scans and DDOS protections for free.



Save While Shopping

If you haven’t already, sign up for Ebates. They offer coupons and cash back when you shop online. Only useful, in my opinion, if you shop online majority of the time and buy expensive items. They pay every 3 months with a $5.01 minimum payout.

Another great shopping site that might be better for the average spender is Honey.

Honey searches and applies the best coupon code to your order when you’re shopping online. Just think of Honey as all the “money saving apps and websites” combined in one. It will find all the deals and coupons you didn’t even know existed and even gets you cash back. You can also invite your friends and get $5 for every friend.

The best part about Honey is it’s free!


Save Loose Change

After you’re done shopping you may have all those annoying coins left over. Don’t leave them hanging around in your car or purse. Collect them and put them in a coin jar. When your jar becomes full you will see how much money you have saved. You will be surprised.


Automate your finances

The easiest way to save is to let technology do it for you. You can set up automatic payments from your checking account straight into your savings account. Just find your transfers tab in your online bank account and set up how much money you want to transfer and how often.

You can also download apps that automatically transfer money to your savings account, so you can save money without thinking about it.

Digit helps you automatically save and gives you rewards for saving. You can earn 5 cents for every $100 saved for free!


Use Cash

Before going out shopping set a budget of how much you want to spend. Take that amount out in cash so you are less likely to spend more than planned.

Using your credit and debit cards makes it easier to go over budget.


Return it or Sell it

This is one trick that works for me. If all else fails and you end up buying the item, keep the receipt and return it. This works when I just can’t resist and end up buying things that aren’t a necessity.  Many stores offer 14-30 days to return the item, if you wait any longer you will receive store credit.

Okay, you missed the return date but all is not lost. There are many apps where you can sell used and new items. I personally have used, and still use, Poshmark and made really great sales. Sign up with my link and get free $5 BDVCF. Just type this in when you sign up.

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