12 Little Ways To Save Money Every Day

Everyone wants to save money to use for more important things in their lives. Maybe you want to put the extra cash towards a vacation or school loans. I’ve put together a list of few tips to help you save money every day when you’re on a budget. Being conscious of your daily spending can help you save hundreds of dollars every month.


12 Little Ways To Save Money Every Day:


Cook your own dinner. Try cooking your own dinner every night or as much as you can. There are many budget-friendly dinner recipes out there and if you have leftovers you can bring them to work for lunch.


Bring your own lunch. Packing your own lunch and snacks to work will save you so much money in the long run.


Get a reusable water bottle. You probably have one already laying around the house, and now it’s time to actually put it to use! Bringing your own drink is much cheaper than buying overpriced bottled water.


Never pay full price. Shop in the sales aisle and use coupons/discounts. This works when shopping for clothes and food.


Make a list. Before going shopping, create a list of things you need to get. This will help you stay away from the things you want to buy.


Generic Brands. While you’re shopping stick to the generic brands, they’re cheaper and do the same as name brands.


Free activities. Hanging out with friends or your significant other can get pricey. Try doing free activities together like bike riding, stargazing, or attending free events in your city.


Stop buying paper towels and napkins. Invest in cloth napkins, you’ll be able to use them more than once!


Save loose change. Put all your loose change and single dollars in a jar. At the end of the month, you’ll see how much money you have saved.


Try reusable menstrual pads or cups. Save the environment, your health, and your money. 14 more ways to save money each month.


Stop going to Starbucks. Start making your own coffee at home. If you really can’t part ways with Starbucks, order a cheaper drink and bring your own coffee cup for an extra discount.


Save on gas. Plan all your errands into one trip every week to save on gas money. Also try carpooling, taking the subway, walking, or biking wherever you need to go.


Do you have any tips for saving money every day?



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