11 Overnight Oat Ideas That Will Make You Love Breakfast

Overnight oats are perfect for breakfast when you want a healthy meal that’s quick, easy, and filling. They’re great in the summer when you don’t feel like heating up the kitchen and want to eat them on the go. Overnight oats are so versatile and have so many benefits like lowering your blood sugar, aiding in weight loss, and giving your body vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and more.


These overnight oat recipes are so tasty that you will think you’re eating dessert for breakfast. Feel free to actually eat them for dessert also! If you don’t like cold oats just heat them up in your microwave for a few seconds.


Coffee Oats


This overnight coffee oatmeal recipe is perfect for all the coffee lovers out there. You get your breakfast and coffee all in one shot! Get the recipe.


Apple Pie Oats


Yummy apple pie. All you have to do is make it the night before, wake up, and eat. So easy! Get the recipe


Blueberry Oats


It tastes like a blueberry muffin but so much healthier! Get the recipe


Cherry Vanilla Dark Chocolate Oats


I can’t resist anything with chocolate in it, can you? Get the recipe.


Carrot Cake Oats



Carrot cake for breakfast! I’m in heaven with this overnight oat recipe.


Strawberry Oats


This strawberry layered recipe is so yummy and overnight oats are also great for kids!


Peanut Butter Oats


Mmm, peanut butter overnight oats with banana and strawberries. Get this recipe now.


Strawberry Cheesecake Oats


I love cheesecake but I don’t always want the calories that come with it. This overnight oat recipe will satisfy those cheesecake cravings and only take 5 mins to make!


Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake


Another cheesecake overnight oat recipe because cheesecake is life!

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Elvis Peanut butter, Banana, and Coconut Bacon Oats


The coconut bacon really makes this overnight oat recipe pop!


Birthday Cake Batter Oats


Make any day a celebration with birthday batter oats from fitfoodiefinds.


The sky is the limit with overnight oat recipes. Which one is your favorite combo?

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