8 Genius Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (With No A.C.)

The summer heat and humidity can become unbearable at times. It’s probably making your electricity bill sky high with the A.C. running all the time too. Here are some easy ways to cool down fast without running up the electric bill so you can actually enjoy summer.

Snack On Frozen Fruit

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Make some frozen fruit Kabobs with chocolate drizzled on top to cool you down on a hot summer day.


Make Your Drinks Cold FAST!

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Dump the ice into your bucket and then pour cold water over the ice. After that part is done you want to add about a cup of salt to the mix, put the drinks in, and then stir it around. The salt will quickly lower the freezing point of the water making your drinks SUPER cold.




Pet Cooling Pad

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Don’t forget about keeping your pets cool, try this DIY pet cooling pad. Might just make one for me haha.


Cool Towels


Soak a clean cloth in cold water and then wring it out. Place it around your neck and then run cold water on your wrists. These pulse points will trigger your brain to lower your body temperature fast.


Fan and Ice

Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan for a cool breeze or get even more creative and make a DIY air conditioner. This is an old school trick but gets the job done without running up the electric bill.


Freeze Sheets


Place your sheets and pillow cases in the freezer before bed. Stick with light cotton sheets and you’ll be so much cooler at night.


Drink Water


This one is a no brainer but so many can forget to do it. Make sure to stay hydrated!


DIY Cooling Body Spray

Combine all ingredients into an 8oz spray bottle and spray onto your body as needed.


What’s your favorite way to stay cool without the A.C.? 

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